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Established in 1980 by 30-year professional rigger Charles Russell, New England Yacht Rigging has serviced boats from dinghy class to the America's Cup. We provide standing and running rigging, spars, deck hardware, jib and mainsail furling systems, lifelines and just about everything "from the deck up"! We have 5,000 different items in inventory including a full line of hardware, custom rigging, and a large selection of marine cordage.

Our goal is to help you enjoy your sailing and boating experience whether, you are interested in a leisurely afternoon sail or a highly competitive "white knuckle" race.

The Rogue's Yarn

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  • Pulling on Lines
    Pulling on Lines

    Purchases: Using the principles of blocks (the technical term for pulley) and tackle to create mechanical advantage. In the photo, a simple 2:1 purchase is attached...

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  • Why Things Need to be Replaced
    Why Things Need to be Replaced

    We know that every item on a boat has a lifespan but getting to the bottom of when things should be replaced can be tough...

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  • Basic Anatomy of a Mast
    Basic Anatomy of a Mast

    Masts are held up with a system of wire or rod called Standing Rigging. Masts must withstand many forces, but the system of standing rigging is primarily concerned about...

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Client Testimonials


"Two years ago I participated in the Bermuda One/Two. Although I was keen on the competitive aspect of the race my primary goal was to make it to Bermuda and back safely. I relied on New England Yacht Rigging to ensure I met my goal. They replaced all of my life lines, running rigging and gave my mast an overall inspection."

Tom Wilcox

"Foregone Conclusion"

"When I decided to finally move up to a 40 footer my budget only allowed me to purchase an older boat. I did most of the work myself but when it came to replacing rigging and deck hardware I met with the team at New England Yacht rigging to review my needs and budget. They were fantastic to deal with as they understood my need for quality, but at a price I could afford."

Jim Bennett