About New England Yacht Rigging

Our riggers are certified in splicing from New England Ropes and Yale Cordage. We are a certified Regional Selden Mast Center and an authorized Selden dealer. We splice all types of rope: double braid, 3 strand, rope to wire, rope to chain and all the high tech fibers, such as, Zylon (PBO), Vectran, Spectra/Dyneema, Technora and Kevlar. We also provide custom splicing for some of the big name marine catalogue companies and manufacturers.

We have the capacity to swage up to ½" 1x19 stainless steel cable and head up to -40 Nitronic 50 rod for standing rigging. We also provide coated Kevlar standing rigging. Should you need a mast or boom, we can design it specifically for your boat. Often, we are able to provide the original extrusion if is currently available. Within our locale, we also provide mobile and dockside service.

Yacht Service